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Summer is Amongst us – and How it’s Affecting our Growing Season in South Florida

by Jonathan Cox

Found in: Farming Tips

Blistering heat affects Florida agriculture in more ways than one..

Starting in 2015 Florida has experienced some of the hottest temperatures in the states history. Each year, it is becoming more and more challenging for southern farmers to continue to be in production during these environmentally challenging times.

Last year, according to regional forecast reports, much of Florida was seeing its warmest Junes on record. Temperatures in the upper 90s were observed on the peninsula. It felt as warm as 110 degrees in certain areas. In terms of farming this makes things very challenging. Extreme weather conditions in terms of temperature and precipitation can cause crops not to grow, drought, flooding, as well as pests make things very tricky for food producers. 

Why is this important?

GrowNextDoor, aims to service our local patrons for as long as we can without interruption. So we know to go with the flow! This means changing our sourcing capacity to meet the seasonal challenges. So instead of receiving, cool weather crops that grow in the shorter cooler days such as:

Lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, kale, collards, broccoli and cauliflower etc...

In your farm shares, we will begin to source more warm weather crops that are in season such as:

Summer squash, sweet corn, eggplant, okra, longevity spinach, hot peppers, sweet potato, beans, and various tropical fruits, etc...

Because so many farm producers shut down operations during the hottest times of the year, we aim to supplement with additional producers who may grow with alternative methods such as indoor hydroponics, container farming, and aquaponic methods. We will also expand our sourcing radius to nearby regional states that are in a more ideal agricultural growth zone, so that we can continue to meet demand with best quality produce. 

We will continue to remain transparent and open about where, how, and who is growing your produce so that you can remain an informed and educated about the new food revolution!

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