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Modern Farm to Modern Table

by Jonathan Cox

Found in: Blog

Did you know that 90% of the lettuce in our grocery stores comes from just two places!?

California and Arizona, that is. That is over 3,000 miles of transit time to get to your dinner plate here in South Florida, not to mention it is packaged in unsustainable plastic containers, gassed with nitrogen and preservatives to keep them "fresh", and by the time you buy them they are already 70% spoiled.

The same is true with most of the produce we see in stores: most apples are grown in New Zealand, 80% of tomatoes are grown in Mexico, and our bananas are imported from Ecuador. Whew... talk about a broken food system.

GrowNextDoor was created as a viable solution to these important food security issues that we currently face. Our farmers pick your produce shares within 48 hours of delivery, ensuring that you do not loose out on flavor or nutrition, all while keeping your carbon footprint low, due to cutting our food miles down dramatically and skipping out on plastic packaging. Our food is grown purely- without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and is all grown within a 300 mile radius of us.. 

The future is here and now! Creating more sustainable systems is key to making our cities and communities more efficient, connected and self reliant. 

To support local agriculture and access fresh local produce in South Florida, order from our online store today!