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About Us.

We started off as artists.

Photography and painting was all we knew - we told stories about the world around us, learning about it along the way.

Eventually, our journey led us here. Creating a reality that involves all of us, tethered to our natural environment.

Grownextdoor is an initiative started and sustained by artists Jonathan Cox and Vianny Guillen, amongst others, built on the belief that the power of people coming together can move mountains.

Our project was officially started on April 2020, but was conceptualized much earlier than that.

We have connected with dozens of farmers throughout South Florida and abroad to understand how best to create opportunities of access to farming, as well as the best methods that will support our goals of creating a sustainable planet through intentional agriculture.

How do we accomplish this?

We leverage a network of urban farmers in local communities, teaching them how to grow their own food. We then connect them to local businesses and other outlets to create modular share economies. We believe anyone can get involved in the efforts of creating a sustainable food ecosystem, and learn valuable life skills along the way.

We’re here to help create those ecosystems, and learn along with you.