We will be starting our farm-share subscriptions mid-Spring! Sign up today to be included :)


We source our produce and vendor products exclusively from Local farmers and creators in our regional area. We communicate with our vendors on a weekly basis to determine what will be available for our subscribers. When you order, we ensure that you enjoy the freshest possible food and varieties that's available in your hometown.

We know that life can get hectic at times, you may pause, cancel, or adjust the frequency of your Grownextdoor Subscription at any time. You can access your account here.

When you buy Local with us, you support small business owners and people who have sustainably created the products that can sustain our best health.

Your dollar is a vote towards a system of food redistribution that escapes conventional methods that at times may not support people, or planet. Fresher food. a better local economy. A win-win.

We currently are offering deliveries in the local South Florida area exclusively on Wednesdays, but intend to open up a physical farmers market location soon. We will text you when your delivery is picked day-prior and when it is on the way day-of.

Your delivery will come either in a standard, biodegradable recycled cardboard box or a reusable insulated tote bag. You may recycle either to earn a discount.

Our Distribution Manager will leave it in a secure, shaded area on your property. Wash your produce as you usually would, if using a fridge keep it stored in a crisp, minimal-moisture environment, and enjoy!